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  1. […] Here’s an example of the Wiki in action. […]

  2. […] Greatness By Design creates the conditions for every teacher to excel, provides them with support, mentorship, and training, and elevates the profession to the importance it deserves. It’s about making teachers better, not with sticks and carrots, but with support and training. While the Vegara trial had a great deal of publicity and news coverage, Torlakson’s Greatness By Design does more to reassure families day-to-day that every teacher their child will encounter is highly-trained, mentored by a master teacher, and has the professional support to perfect his or her craft. Because parents know their children make leaps and bounds with the help of experienced teachers. It represents action of substance, not soundbites. This will not just be good for teachers, but good for schools. That’s why I support Tom Torlakson for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and you should too. […]

  3. […] of Deasy by the FBI and a U.S. Department of Education report that touched on and validated every single criticism we made at … of holding the Deasy administration’s feet to the […]

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