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    The NJ Dept of Education is frantically trying to sell the Common Core and PARCC testing. Each day, the number of parents inquiring about opting out and sending their opt out letters grows. The state is trying to play both sides up the middle. In low performing districts, they are clear that opting out is not an option. In high performing districts, they say it is up to the district to handle it. They are readying themselves to talk no blame what so ever. Parents are brainstorming how to push back and insure that our voices are being heard. The NJ legislature is looking at a bill that would allow individual student data to be tracked from Pre-K to the work force. OMG. It is getting very hectic, but we are far better organized than we were 2 years ago! Stay tuned.

    • Jean, you’re doing a fantastic job of keeping other New Jerseyans informed! Thank you! Let’s share the link for this group where other pro-public ed parents hang out!

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