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    So a Facebook friend coined this name for our bully Governor: Fukatardus Studpendus. So Fukatardus Stupendus cut a deal with the NJ Senate so that he would not have to veto the bills below. Instead, he issued an executive order calling for a reduction in the percentage of the weight of the test scores for teacher evaluation, from 30 to 10% this year and 20% next year. In addition, he will set up a commission to study Common Core, PARCC etc. The joke of the matter is that he will appoint all 9 members and not one of them is a parent! Fukatardus Supremus!!!! On the ground, parents are organizing and we have a interesting coalition between the “right” and the “left.” While we don’t agree on many issues, we all agree that we want the crazy train to stop. We also all understand that the most powerful tool we have is opting out our kids. The “right” isn’t really comfortable with UOO’s politics, so they are creating their own tools. Sue and I will be sure to bring their best practices back to this group and to share the ones that we have here. Politics and School Reform make strange bedfellows and bedfellas!

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