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Cynthia Liu California's state charter lobby group has succeeded in helping to elect the head of a charter chain of schools to the LAUSD school board. Multiple conflicts of interest abound -- should he disqualifySee More himself from charter votes, divest himself of charter interests, or resign?

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Six Ways LAUSD School Board Member-Elect Ref Rodriguez's Business Dealings Might Be In Conflict...thewire.k12newsnetwork.comRef Rodriguez must DISCLOSE ALL companies he has a financial interest in, any FUTURE CONTRACTS companies he's involved in or has connections to that does business with LAUSD, and finally RESIGN from those companies where he has a conflict of interest so he can properly discharge his duties as a publ…
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Cynthia Liu Who's part of the secret group that wants to take over public schools?

The Secret Group That Wants to Take Over Your School | The Progressiveprogressive.orgDon’t look now, but there’s something creepy coming toward you, and it wants to take over your public school system. Sure, it’s connected—through all-important grants—to many of the big names in today’s education reform movement (Gates, Walton, Broad), but most people have probably never heard of it…
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Cynthia Liu Something to think about:
Constance Kamii’s Critical Look at the K-3 Common Core State Standards for Mathdeyproject.orgToday we release a new report, Selected Standards from the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Grades K-3: My Reasons for Not Supporting Them by Dr. Constance Kamii. In this report, Kamii ...
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